Leather Jacket Manufacturers

Are you looking for a leather jacket manufacturer? At our Italian factory, you can create your leather garment collection. We realize your projects and ideas. Our artisans make leather jackets, pants, and shirts, respecting the value of a product made in Italy.

Our Services Move From:

  • tech pack and design
  • paper pattern and prototype
  • leather selection
  • hardware and accessory selection
  • manufacturing
  • quality control
  • packing and delivery

We handle all these stages in Italy at our factory, a place full of tradition, innovation, and research. With over 35 years of experience in the leather industry, today, we are a leader in the fashion system.

Italian Leather Jacket Manufacturer

Whether a simple or complex design, our team can help you with your plans and make them a reality. We have the experience and technology to create any design you need for small orders or large mass production.

Manufacturer Leather Jacket

A manufacturer of leather jackets that works for third parties in producing leather garments, someone who can realize your dreams, turn an idea into a product? Our mission is to bring client’s visions to life, our goal is to satisfy customers’ requests.

What do we offer more in terms of services?

  • Experience: since 1979 making leather garments
  • Professionality: master leather craftsman
  • Creativity: an idea that turns into a complete leather garment collection
  • Quality control: every phase is followed carefully by every department

Leather Jacket Manufacturer

We are a leather jacket manufacturer recognized for the quality and excellence of its manufacturing. Our artisans transmit their traditional experience, passion, and creativity from generation to generation. Our first step in a new project is the creation of a Specification Sheet, our guide where to find all details and information to make the first pattern.


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